21 oktober 2021

Criminal organization transporting drugs to the UK convicted

Criminal organization transporting drugs to the UK convicted

Five members of a criminal organization have been convicted to imprisonment today by the Dutch Court Midden-Nederland varying from seven to sixteen years. They were found guilty not only of organizing large drug transports from The Netherlands to the UK during the years 2013 – 2018, but also of liquidations, money laundering and receiving stolen cars. They were also in the possession of weapons and ammunition. Two other suspects were acquitted.

Since the penalties imposed are lower than the Public Prosecutor Midden-Nederland had required during the court sessions, appeal will be considered with respect to two suspects. However, sixteen years is the maximum penalty for the crimes which the court deemed proven. During the Dutch investigation use was made of the findings of the investigators in England where several of these drug transports were intercepted. With the English Police and Criminal Investigation Department a Joint Investigation Team was set up which resulted in a co-operation which greatly advanced the Dutch investigation and contributed to the verdict today.

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