30 mei 2024

Tackling the causes of crime, not sending more people to jail, is the only way to fight it

Tackling the causes of crime, not sending more people to jail, is the only way to fight it

While the Canadian public support efforts to fight crime, Professor Irvin Waller of the University of Ottawa and PhD candidate Jeffrey Bradley of Carleton University argue that current proposals to increase incarceration won’t deliver the desired reductions, and point instead to crime prevention approaches pioneered in Scotland as a more viable option.

Canadians want to fight crime, but Conservative Party proposals to increase incarceration aren’t likely to work.

Based on our analysis for the Canadian Centre for Safer Communities, there is a way to significantly reduce violent crime within the next five years. It requires becoming not “tough on crime”, but “smart on crime” before it happens.

This approach requires governments to invest in enough proven prevention measures to greatly reduce injuries, trauma and loss of life stemming from violent crime.

Cities like Glasgow in Scotland have demonstrated a 50% reduction in violence in just three years by appointing a senior official to expand the use of proven programs. The city’s community safety plan diagnosed the risk factors and focused proven prevention initiatives on those most vulnerable to violence.

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