14 april 2021

Policing prison

Policing prison

“It is unacceptable for prisons today to be a lair of anomie and illegality. You all know very well how the situation in prisons is like; {…} you also know that the Ministry of Justice does not have the capacity to control prisons. This is why national correctional policy shall be henceforth applied by the Ministry of Citizen Protection; and correctional staff will belong to this Ministry as well, so that security policy is common; and the problem is inside prisons.”

Thus spoke Mr. Mitsotakis, Greece’s soon-to-be prime minister, when asked about matters of security in a recent interview. Since then, national elections have come and gone, Mitsotakis has taken the presidential oath of office and, abiding by the cardinal virtue of integrity, made sure to deliver on his promise: enter Presidential Decree 81/2019, and a new era for the country’s penal landscape.

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