29 februari 2024

Policing by consent: Austerity has eroded police legitimacy

Policing by consent: Austerity has eroded police legitimacy

The police service has faced a prolonged period of unprecedented cuts. Visiting Professor in Criminology at the University of Glyndŵr Peter Joyce and Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University Dr Wendy Laverick argue that this level of austerity risks undermining police legitimacy.

The recent report by the Home Affairs Select Committee, Policing for the Future, highlighted a number of contemporary problems faced by police forces in England and Wales. In particular, it drew attention to the increase of traditional forms of criminality and the emergence of new issues on the police agenda to which the service needed to respond. Cyber crime (especially online fraud), child sexual abuse and dealing with persons with mental health illnesses were highlighted in this latter respect.

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