28 juni 2022

Coronavirus: A statement from Policing Insight’s Publisher

Coronavirus: A statement from Policing Insight’s Publisher

Policing Insight’s Publisher, Bernard Rix, provides his personal perspective on the national, regional and international policing challenges that tackling Coronavirus will bring, and invites those others with policing insight on Coronavirus, wherever they may be in the world, to get in touch.
We are entering – to say the least – challenging times.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is already bringing many, many, issues for policing, health and political leaders across the world to grapple with. For those in policing, business continuity in the workforce will be key, with support to other public services not far behind. The maintenance of public order may well become an issue, particularly if, as expected, disruption becomes protracted and people tire of the necessary restrictions placed on them by governments. Organised crime will inevitably be looking for the opportunities that the situation presents, then finding and exploiting them. And there are growing concerns that, behind closed doors, domestic violence will grow.

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